Now you can edit your Google MyBusiness listings directly in search results

Google has announced they are now fully launching the ability for businesses to quickly edit their Google My Business local listing directly in the Google search results. We saw Google testing this feature back in July 2017, and now it is officially rolling out.

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Google said all you need to do is find your business on Google Search, “and you can complete and enhance your listing, share photos and posts related to your business, and see how many views you’re getting.” After you find your business in search, you should see a new menu right above the search results. If you’re not seeing the menu, make sure you’re logged in with the account credentials that have ownership of your Google My Business account. Then click the edit button and the fields you can edit will be highlighted for you.

simone puorto consulting - mybusiness

Here is what you can do from the search results:

- Add or correct business information, post updated hours, and more.
- Post on Google and stay engaged with your customers.
- Share photos that make your business stand out.
- See how many views your listing gets, and easily access detailed information about your listing’s performance.
- Know when users upload photos of your business.
- Quickly take the most important actions to complete and enhance your business listing.
- You can do this from both desktop and mobile