Is the end of rate parity bad news for consumers?

Interesting article By Daniel E. Craig, Founder of  Reknown

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Is the end of rate parity bad news for consumers, as this huckster for OTAs claims, among other ludicrous assertions? Absolutely not. Competition will still reign; it will just shift from hotels competing against OTAs to competing against each other. When more money lands in the pockets of hotels, they will invest more into enhancing the guest experience. That only bodes well for travellers.

Will chaos ensue after this bill is implemented? Probably. But it will be only temporary as the industry adjusts to a more equitable, free-market system.

France has been the most aggressive country so far to take the OTAs to task, but Germany, Sweden and Italy are not far behind. Bravo to the hotel associations and other individuals who have had the courage to finally take a stand against the abuse inflicted by OTAs for years. May this movement spread to North America, Asia and beyond.

Hotels, brands and hotel groups around the world should start preparing for this change. They must figure out how best to regain control of inventory and rates and how to communicate the benefits of booking direct to travelers.

At the same time, the end of rate parity could be a huge boon to metasearch players like Kayak, TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Finder. It may be time to start testing the waters on these channels if you’re not doing so already.

Above all, hotels must avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.