The power of Trigger Emails, a.k.a. why I am going to buy (another) pair of RayBan

Today’s post is not strictly about Hotel Marketing, but it’s a great example of how you can use Trigger Emails effectively.
What are trigger emails? According to Act-On, they’re “automated emails that are triggered based on specific events, such as an action taken (or not) by a website visitor”.

simone puorto wayfarer

What does this have to do with the fact that I bought another pair of sunglasses?
Let me explain:
People who knows me know that I am very light-sensitive and I basically live with my sunglasses 24/7 and, to me, sunglasses is synonymous of Ray Ban .
So, after I lost my 4th pair this year (yes, it’s a personal record) I am wearing an old pair of 50/22 Wayfarer and I am in real need of a decent pair of lenses, so I decided to try the folding models.
They can easily go in one pocket and, theoretically, they should be harder to loose, even for me.
Anyway, yesterday I was customising them online at this link  with a personalized engraving (in case you’re asking, a quote from LOST: “Live Together, Die Alone") when I went to lunch.
When I came back at my my laptop I found this:

simone puorto ray ban

I am usually quite bothered by shopping cart post-abandonment emails, but this one by Ray Ban is just brilliant.
If you can’t read french it basically says:
“Attacked by a vampire? Late for a romantic meeting?
What is the reason why you did not finished your purchase?”

The email is so funky, well designed and -more importantly- coherent with company values that not only I came back to the site to order my sunglasses, but I felt like writing about my customer experience on the blog.

According to Sivlerpop, following up with abandoners by email yields up to 50% conversion.
I am sure that, if done properly, this % can even be better.
Well done, again, Ray Ban!

PS: don’t worry, I was NOT attacked by a vampir…