2016 Hotel Marketing Trends in one infographic

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simone puorto infographic


21% of hotel bookings take place on Mobile devices. 

30-40% of a hotel's revenue derives from Organic traffic

Google's customer match will all help you talk to your guests in 2016. 

Ad blocking is expected to cost the industry $41B globally in 2016.

Video is taking over, with auto-play clips appearing on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere.

Buy buttons on Facebook, Pinterest & other social channels will become standard as the line thins between social media and e-commerce sites. 

Showing up at the right place and the right time is crucial

2016 will see fingerprint payment grow, more mobile payments and simplified checkout flows. 

Meta Search landscape is still evolving and changing the way consumers book.

Google is investing significant time and money into developing stronger cross-device results.

Personalising email content can lift conversion rates by 12%.
People act twice as fast if they are asked to do something and their name appears on it.

Instagram, with its heavy focus on visuals and 400 million+ users, can be a very strong platform for hotels. 

Making retargeting part of the booking funnel gives you a second chance to capture a guest's interest.