I am sorry, but nobody really cares about your hotel's blog, not even Google.

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Oldie but goldie article by Brandon Dennis:

I am surprised at the number of hoteliers who came to me and said: “I have to have a blog – my SEO is bad without a blog!”, or some other variant.
Even today, the idea that somehow having a blog will magically bring you more traffic and more confirmed reservations is prevalent.
So, what is it about a blog that brings you more traffic? 
There is nothing special about a blog.
Aside from comments and RSS, there is nothing inherently special or different about the  structure of a blog compared to standard websites.
Google does not rank blogs better compared to websites. 
“Google likes lots of well-written, relevant content,” you might say. And this is very true. 
But there is nothing about a blog that makes its content any more dynamic, well-written, or fresh.
In fact, anything published with a blog immediately becomes static, unless the author edits and republishes the content over time.
It’s not the blog that makes this content good or makes it rank better in search engines—it’s the fact that it is updated, current, relevant, and of higher interest to today’s guests.
Moreover blogging software comes packaged with a lot of extras that hotels don’t really need, which can add unnecessary code to the website, increasing its weight and load time.
WordPress, for example, can often get bogged down as users install more and more plugins, which are sometimes abandoned by their developers and stagnate over time.
While an excellent blogging software, WordPress it’s not a good solution for hotel websites due to all the added blogging baggage that comes with it.
Understand that there is much more to marketing a property online than posting a new blog post every week or so.

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