How reacted to HomeAway acquisition

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Following the acquisition of HomeAway by Expedia, Priceline Group has decided to reveal room stats for the first time. has more than 820,000 properties, a hefty release says today, giving it somewhere in the region of some 21 million bookable rooms around the world.

As a result, the company claims it is now “the most diverse and popular accommodation platform in the world”.

The sudden focus on the volume of rooms available comes just days after the $3.9 billion HomeAway deal and with the ongoing focus on Airbnb and its ilk as serious challengers to the hotel booking status quo.

In particular is the word “bookable”, a significant element to mention given that 45% of HomeAway’s portfolio of properties still do not have availability shown online or with booking in real-time. offers 14.4 million of hotel rooms, 1.8 million of vacation rental rooms and 5 million of  “other unique categories of places to stay” (30 different types, including igloos (!), homestays, apartments, chalets).

A 66% increase in the number of vacation rentals being added to in just 12 months, illustrates how important the “alternative accommodation” sector is becoming to the traditional online travel agencies.