When Hospitality Becomes an Art, It Loses Its Very Soul

The title is credited to Max Beerbohm, English essayist, parodist, and caricaturist best known today for his 1911 novel Zuleika Dobson. Taken from his 1918 work, Hosts and Guests, I interpret his work for a new era of hospitality. We live in a connected society now and as such, guests and the experiences they have and share, form the foundation of marketing and service. If we try to scale experiences for the sake of doing so, we miss the essence of true engagement. Instead, we connect with guests, customers, at an emotional level.

Article by Brian Solis, read the original version here

Although way overdue, I’m finally sharing highlights from my tour in Paris and London for the release ofWhat’s the Future of Business. It was all pretty exciting and to be honest, I miss it now that I’m not running from plane to plane and country to country. It was quite beautiful and the new friends I met should know that I already miss them and look forward to doing this again for my next book!

While in Paris, I was invited by WIHP and Pamil Visions to talk about the future of travel, hospitality and hotel marketing. The WIHP and Pamil team arranged for a floating event aboard the VIP Paris Yacht Hotel on the Seine. It was pretty epic and I was  surprised and delighted at the number of French marketing leaders who joined.

Shortly after the networking and brief presentation, I joined my friend (and event host) Martin Soler on camera to address the state and future of hospitality experiences. The result was a series of four short videos that regardless of your industry, can help you rethink everything from products to marketing to sales and service to loyalty.


Part One

Martin and I tackle the question, “If you can give 3 things hotels need to do to adapt, what would they be?”


Part Two

Here, we discuss why hotels need to integrate new technology into their DNA, not as a reactive approach but designing their hotel using the advances in technology.


Part Three

Here, Martin and I talk about the future of technology and the need for digital anthropology in business.


Part Four

We’re aboard a yacht on the Seine right? Instead of enjoying the views, we continued the conversation. In this final installment, Martin and I set out to answer key questions for hotel marketers looking to understand and engage the digital customer.
How does Generation-C (Connected) affect the hotel industry?
If reviews aren’t everything for Generation-C, then what is?
How do hotels and hoteliers accept or not Generation-C?
How can they predict and improve their marketing and hotel experience in the future?