Copy These 2 Subtle OTA Booking Secrets

Besides the obvious price difference, what makes her choose the OTA over you? It’s because OTAs are marketing geniuses, that’s why. They know how to push guests seamlessly through the booking process, giving them more and more reasons to book at every turn. 

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The surprising part is that most of their marketing ploys are simple and small, but they pack a ton of persuasive power. The good news is their marketing secrets are easy to replicate on your own site. 

Here are some of the major takeaways:

1. OTAs Idiot-Proof The Booking Process

2. They Make People Nervous

OTAs know a thing or too about human emotion and how to cleverly use them to drive people to act. They expertly channel people’s FOMO (fear of missing out), which is that same feeling you get when you find out all of your co-workers went to lunch without you. When initiating a hotel search on Expedia, the first message you’ll see reads: “Hurry! Prices and inventory are limited.” Almost immediately, Expedia tells their customers that time is almost up. So, do it. Do it now. Limited amount of time and rooms drive people to purchase sooner than later.

OTA Secret: To tap into FOMO and push customers to book, they spread out messages throughout the site – from the search results to the booking page – that make people worry that unless they book now, they could be missing out on something good. Next to a hotel, they’ll emplace “Two Rooms Left!” This both creates a sense of urgency and validates that others have already chosen to stay at this property, making people even more confident in their decision. 

Lesson: Add copy to your hotel website design and booking engine that incites FOMO and stresses immediacy: 

  • Limited time only
  • Exclusive offer, ends soon
  • Available to the first 20 guests
  • While room availability lasts