' new content API lets you build and maintain multiple listings

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simone puorto - announced the launch of its new Content API for accommodation channel managers, content providers and property management companies. Following a successful round of beta testing earlier this year with a select group of early adopters, these new specifications provide free access for providers to instantly send all necessary information to build and maintain multiple listings on, including property photos and information about their facilities and policies, via a direct connection, dramatically reducing the time to upload content from weeks to hours.
After implementing the code required to connect to the API, providers can automatically send all information required to build new listings on from start to finish. Previously, photo content, facilities information and policies had to be uploaded manually on a per property basis, often taking several weeks, depending on the number of properties in a provider’s portfolio. Now with the new Content API, providers can instantly push all the relevant information for thousands of properties directly to’s system, reducing the content upload process from several weeks to a couple of days.

The new Content API also enables providers to more easily optimise their existing listings on with updated content on a more regular basis, including:
    •    Providing updated photos to reflect renovations, new branding or just to be in tune with the current season (summer vs. winter)
    •    Adding new policies and facilities information almost instantly
    •    Uploading new room types, limited-time promotions and rates in bulk, even on short notice

If interested in connecting to the new Content API, providers that already work with can access the specifications for free directly from the provider portal at