Is Donald Trump messing up your Google Analytics account? Here's how to fix it

Today I am not going to share an article but a quick fix for a problem that's around for several days now.

You may have experienced an explosions of sessions from all around Russia:

simone puorto - donald trump analytics

No, that's not because of that Yandex campaign you launched back in 2008 but it's what's technically called "language spam".
These referrer bombings are usually filtered by the hostname filter (and I assume you already have one, if you don't... Contact me and I will help) but some of them may still sneak in.

simone puorto - language spam

This Trump-spam is one that sneaked in. If you want to read the whole story behind it just google the name Vitaly Popov (super well-known GA spammer) but my article is only about how to get rid of this spam.

Log in your Google Analytics account and then click on ADMIN.
Choose the view you want to modify then click on FILTERS / +ADD FILTER.
Now flag CREATE NEW FILTER and assign a name ("Language Spam" is a good idea).
Click on CUSTOM/EXCLUDE and use this filter pattern


simone puorto - \s[^\s]*\s|.{15,}|\.|,

Verify the filter and (if you've done everything right) you should have a message like this one:

simone puorto - \s[^\s]*\s|.{15,}|\.|,

Save and everything will be back to normal!