See, Think, Do, Care. Google tips for better UX

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simone puorto see think do care

Google has a simple framework to address what it says are two of the main mistakes with user experience on travel websites.
The first issue is a fixation on conversion, and the second is a focus on existing digital assets or, in other words, trying to shoe-horn your website into a mobile site.

The point is that consumers are coming to websites looking for different things as well as coming from different places.

When customers land on our digital assets they aren’t all in the same state of mind.
They’re not all turned off by a bad conversion experience. Some are there for something else.

    •    See – your large addressable audience, people who travel, those with a certain demographic or customers identified by certain parameters.

    •    Think – They are thinking about their holidays but are not ready to start booking.

    •    Do – these people are actively looking to book with you. The ‘commercial intent’ is there. 

    •    Care – your loyal customers and need looking after. They booked with you more than once, had a good experience and are back for more.

Google industry head for travel, Anna Sawbridge, points out that the “see” content needs to inspire and is difficult to get right. The user does not yet have commercial intent so you have to think how they arrived on your website. It might be that the see content is only discoverable through a certain type of user journey.