Is Google the new Booking?

I rarely publish articles about my company, as I always face some kind of ethical problem but this new version of our metasearch management tool (Meta I/O) is too cool not to share and it can be useful for my readers.

First of all, what is Meta I/O?
Meta I/O serves as a central management hub between your CRS and the meta-search providers. Hotels can connect to the system once and manage all their meta search campaigns from a single dashboard.
The platform integrates with the leading CRS’, channel managers and hotel chains who have proprietary systems.
Once the hotel is connected, rates and availability from are sent to the meta-search platform and all clicks are re-routed to the hotel booking engine with pre-selected dates, ready to book directly.

Here's a video of the first version of the platform:

Several version came after that, but the new upgrade takes Meta I/O to a whole new level.

This upgrade includes new options to give the hotels a better control and improve the efficiency of their campaigns on Google Hotel Ads.                   

So, what is new?

Meta I/O  now shows campaign results in 6 different views, with an option to sort the views with different filters:

simone puorto meta i|o

"Check-in day" bidding is is my personal favourite: as a former hotelier I know very well what is like to have the hotel full on Saturdays and empty on Sundays, so managing different CPC per different days of the week can give the hotels a little boost where (and when) it really matters:

simone puorto meta i|o

2. Reports:
From Campaign Settings there are now 2 different reports that can be downloaded, bid simulation and opportunity report.
All reports reports can be downloaded in Excel format to integrate them with other reports.

simone puorto meta i|o


3. Reservations:
Meta I/O  now shows the list of reservations coming from Google Hotel Ads, with an option to modify or cancel each reservation in case of no-show or cancellation (if the hotel is using the commission model).

4. Commission Program (12%):
Meta I/O now has the option of choosing between a CPC Campaign or a Commission Campaign (the hotel only pays if there is an actual reservation). 
Commission Campaign will be invoiced once a month on departure date, exactly like an OTA but with a cheaper commission (12% vs an average of 18% on OTAs).

Of course, you can keep managing all the other metasearches (TripAdvisor, Trivago, WeGo, Kayak, etc) as always.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!