Will Google' "Trips" finally deliver a better travel experience?

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simone puorto trips

Google is putting the industry on red alert with the upcoming release of a new travel app known as Trips.

In short, Google Trips works a little bit like TripIt, but a lot like countless in-destination mobile services.
Therefore, enough to trigger the pressure that some may feel is likely to be heading the way of startups hoping to produce (or have products in the market) that allow users to explore a destination using maps and find out information about a location.

Combining existing Google services, such as Maps, Trips allows lets a user discover things to do (using GPS on the handset), including attractions, restaurants, etc.
Users of the app can save different services for checking at a later date, as well as plot routes between locations, covering public transport such as buses, metros and trains, ride-sharing and taxis.
But where Trips has the potential to challenge the trip planners is in its use of the existing scraping technology to obtain a user’s travel schedule.
Trips will pull in content (air tickets, hotel stays, etc) from the user’s email confirmations (as it does from GMail and Calendar to populate hotel stays on Maps) to create the schedule within the application.