Expedia and Booking.com land 80% of all European hotel sales: it's officially a duopoly

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European hospitality association HOTREC estimates the pair have increased their dominance of the marketplace as the third semi-major player on the continent, HRS, has “lost ground significantly” in recent years.

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Moreover, direct bookings fell to a 55% share of all room night sales during 2015.

CEO Christian de Barrin says the OTA market is moving towards a “duopolistic one in Europe”, with him even suggesting an overall monopoly by Booking.com given its almost two-thirds market share.
Regarding commission levels, just 8.5% of hoteliers reported a reduction in commission levels in the last 12 months.
The report adds:
“Among the few ones having received any reduction, big and chain hotels were significantly overrepresented, compared to the small and individual hotels.”