"Where can I sleep for $300?" Say goodbye to point-and-click and welcome Artificial Intelligence

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simone puorto AI

Nowadays, there are no shortages of options to find good vacation deals. Since moving away from travel agents, planning a trip has meant multiple searches on desktop sites, in addition to mobile and through apps. 
A study found in the 6 weeks before actually booking a vacation, prospective travelers visit up to 38 sites. 
However, new technologies are now starting to change how travelers plan and book their trips. 
"It will be less point-and-click websites" Kayak CEO Steve Hafner stated.
”More and more, potential vacationers will now be helped by spoken work and chat bots. What we're seeing is there's a whole generation of people who are more familiar with text messaging and voice via Siri who are looking for a different interaction with an online travel agency”.
Kayak has been investing in a lot of artificial intelligence and services that help the younger generation connect with the metasearch.
"We've got a Facebook Messenger chat bot for example. We have voice interaction with Alexa, which is a service from Amazon, where you can actually talk to Kayak and say, 'Hey Kayak, where can I go this weekend for $300?'"