GoogleMaps (finally) adds "favourite places". Now you can uninstall FourSquare

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simone puorto - google maps

Google might be rolling out a lists feature in Maps soon, as some users are reporting that upon opening Google Maps they were able to access a new feature that would allow them to make lists of their favorite places. While the feature itself has been in testing since August of 2016, it looks like Google is rolling it out to more people which could signify that they’re close to launching it for everyone. That said, it’s still unclear how long it might be before Google makes this new feature widely available.
In addition to making lists of your favorite places, users will also be able to use the new feature to make lists of places they have starred in Maps. They’ll also be able to make lists of places they want to try out or visit if it’s some place they have never been. If you’re a person who enjoys trying new restaurants, for example, this new lists feature in Maps would allow you to make a list of all the restaurants you want to try.

According to a response from Google which states that user feedback will ultimately determine whether or not they launch this feature for everyone, there is a possibility that it might not make it out of testing beyond those who are of the appropriate Local Guide status. Google is always testing features in all of its services, many of them which likely never see the light of day, but being that they’re opening this one up to more people it could be a good sign that it’s on its way.