No, Amazon is not stealing OTA market share

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3rd quarter results for The Priceline Group and Expedia Inc. triggered a nervous reaction on Wall Street after the online travel giants respectively experienced notable declines in their stock values.
Analyst at Deutsche Bank Securities, over the fact that management changes at both Priceline and Expedia have likely made investors skittish, as a change in strategy unnerves investors who like stability.
Amazon’s repeated attempts in the travel space have never born fruit and scaling up comparable inventory would be a long, slow road for the online retailer.
Developing the requisite technology and global marketing reach would also be costly.
Google, however, is already a recognized competitor as a metasearch engine to Priceline’s Kayak and Expedia’s Trivago, anyway it seems that Google wants to own more of the top of the funnel of than the bottom, even though the company has the potential to move further down the funnel.