Looking for best price? Book on Booking.com, cancel and re-book on BidRoom...

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simone puorto - bidroom

BidRoom is the same as countless other startups in the travel industry when they claim to be disrupting bookings or solving travel planning, etc.

BidRoom claims it will be causing headaches for the likes of Booking.com and Expedia by “undercutting their prices and stealing away bookings”.

The Netherlands-based hotel booking service, which secured a €1 million funding round in June 2016 and operates on an almost negligible commission model, has come up with a process that it says eventually “take over” the online travel agency giant pair.

Travellers that have already booked a room on any OTA can forward their confirmation email, and then as long as the booking had a free cancellation policy, BidRoom will secure it at a lower rate.
The traveller just has to cancel their existing reservation.
BidRoom then sends the consumer a link to its own platform where they can make a booking under the new rate.

“Usually we are able to send the new offers to the consumers on the same day they send us their original booking confirmations.”

BidRoom claims the tactic has resulted in “hundreds” of rebookings being made via the service.

Booking.com, inevitably, says it has “no comment” to make.