Travel Appeal gets €700,000 funds. Well done Mirko!

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simone puorto - travel appeal

Three unnamed entrepreneurs from within the industry have pumped €700,000 into analytics startup Travel Appeal.
The Italy-based company was created in 2014 and provides travel brands with tools to monitor competitor pricing, social media, reviews and other trends.
Its main focus is on attractions, hotels, destination organisations and restaurants.
The company also recently developed chatbot-virtual assistant software for customers.
Founder Mirko Lalli says the funding round will be used to develop its artificial intelligence capability and expand into international markets.
Travel Appeal was originally part of the H-Farm startup programme in the North East Italy city of Bagaggiolo, where it retains an office.
H-Farm initially invested some €250,000 in the company and – since the latest funding round – retains a 25% stake.