It's not only about your m-website. Why conversion is (still) low in Europe

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Simone Puorto - Mobile Conversion

WePay surveyed 12,000 people across six influencing and emerging countries – Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India and US – all of whom booked a holiday or flight online.

They found that travellers in the United States, Australia, Brazil and Germany like to explore holidays on handheld devices (smartphones and tablets), but they’re not yet ready to commit and complete a booking. They prefer to do this using a laptop or desktop computer.

Looking East, travellers are much more open to completing a purchase via mobile. China, the largest ecommerce market in the world, has 32% of travellers booking trips on smartphones.

China has a dominant e-wallet provider with Alipay accounting for 44% of global e-wallet spend. Just as contactless payments in the UK, and other parts of Europe, has become a ‘lifestyle’ choice, mobile payments in China are being adopted as the most convenient way to transact.

Meanwhile, the Western payment landscape is diverse, with a vast variety of alternative payment methods. However, the survey suggests that travellers are adopting them at a slower rate.

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