Trivago goes B2B with its rate shopper

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simone puorto consulting - trivago rate shopper

It is not humanly possible for a hotelier to keep track manually of all their hotel’s rates, not to mention their competitors’, to say nothing on the usual fluctuations in travel demand.

Yet hoteliers cannot establish a competitive pricing strategy without monitoring their competitors’ rates and demand patterns.

It’s a challenge that is becoming more pressing as the booking journey shifts online and travelers turn to metasearch to access a transparent market where they can easily find the lowest available rate for their ideal hotel.

Which begs the question: If travellers are using price comparison data in making their booking decisions, why then can’t hoteliers use that same data to make their pricing decisions?

In fact, they can.

trivago has access to billions of rates aggregated from hundreds of booking sites. It realised this data could enable hoteliers to easily and quickly establish competitive pricing strategies: Rate Insights.

For hoteliers, the advantage of using a rate shopper feature that pulls data from a leading metasearch is enormous: a metasearch is not limited to the hotel prices advertised on a single channel; it doesn’t need to predict what rates bookings sites are showing; and it doesn’t have to estimate how much demand there is for hotels in any given location at any given time.

The hotel industry is now in an age in which utilizing data is increasingly crucial in laying the foundation of future success. Hotel technology providers must step up and provide tools to aggregate rates and empower hoteliers to use this data to establish competitive pricing strategies.