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Simone Puorto Consulting - Booking Flights homepage now features tabs for flights from Kayak, car rentals from, and restaurant reservations from OpenTable, all sister companies owned by parent company Priceline Group.

The new tabs on the homepage on desktop may not be visible to all users and they are a test to see how they perform, according to a spokesperson for Priceline Group.

The flights search results page, which is branded as being powered by Kayak, features flights from various airlines. If users click on a flight, they can navigate metasearch-style to an airline website for booking. An executive at one of Kayak’s competitors said Kayak would benefit from all of the traffic that would be heading its way as consumers look for flights and get redirected from to Kayak.

When users select the restaurants tab at the top of the homepage on desktop, they are automatically directed to OpenTable, where they can research restaurants and make dining reservations.

Selecting rental cars on the homepage directs users to its sister site.

The Priceline Group has been looking at adding flights to its largest site,, for years. Currently, within the group, only and Kayak deal with flights. Adding cars and restaurant reservations would be an added step in’s efforts to become more of a full-service travel booking site such as its biggest rival, Expedia.