One page to rule them all: increase conversion with dynamic landing pages

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Dynamic landing pages are landing pages that can be manipulated to give your visitors a customized experience.
Instead of creating different pages, you can use dynamic text to make a single landing page specific to multiple keywords. 
The goal is to show the searcher the most relevant ad based on what they searched, so when a searcher clicks your ad they should see a relevant landing page that matches their search query closely.

Let’s say you have a set of ad groups that are targeting “polar bear conservation fund” and other closely related keywords like:
“Polar Bear Conservation Fund”
“Polar Bear Conservation Charity”
“Polar Bear Conservation Donation”

We could create one baseline page and use dynamic text to swap out the headline, page titles, and other hotspots on the page by altering the destination URL.

Here is what your original destination URL looks like:

Here is what it looks like with URL parameters added.
In this case, theURL is telling the landing page to swap out our headline with ‘Polar Bear Conservation Charity’ instead of ‘Polar Bear Conservation Fund’

Here’s another one:
dynamic pages

You can dynamically swap out locations, phone numbers, title tags, and a number of other elements of your page and you can show a more targeted message to your visitors, increase the likelihood of conversion, and improve your quality scores all at the same time.