Is WordPress the best way to go for hotels?

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The hospitality business market is overwhelmed with proprietary software for accommodation reservation. And their marketing agencies spread the myth that even non-complex hotel websites require months of development to accommodate expansive booking software.

A fully functional hotel site with direct bookings activated does not have to take up lots of time and cost lots of money.
WordPress is an affordable, powerful and secure open-source software that has brought website content management to everybody. So far, it powers 28% of all websites on the net. 

Why you can rely on WordPress
WordPress is a highly powerful, flexible, and secure system to run any type of a website.
Lots of renowned websites, such as The New York Times, BBC America and TechCrunch are powered by WordPress.
It is 100% scalable – it powers many small and massive websites.
If we speak about hospitality-centric business and user-friendly tools, WordPress vendors offer lots of ready-made customizable hotel site designs (free and paid themes) as well as hotel reservation functionality (plugins). 

WordPress is affordable
This is one of the main reasons for this article – to serve the needs of on-budget hoteliers.
Compare to the proprietary software, where the charge is around $500-$1000 yearly for a reservation software only.

You can set up everything yourself
WordPress is growing in terms of content management simplification. The main aim is to give you the option to edit all content fully visually with no coding required.

SEO-friendly platform
proprietary software for hotels, WordPress gives you a full control over website optimization, with a huge choice of free plugins for advanced SEO.

Overall, WordPress is a progressive, sustainable and powerful platform with a great community and free knowledge bases behind it, so you can safely rely on it with your hospitality business website.