TripAdvisor sells... But who's buying?

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TripAdvisor Inc. has been mentioned before as an acquisition target.
Both Priceline and Expedia may have their eye on the company, which boasts 415 million average unique monthly visitors. 
TripAdvisor Chairman Greg Maffei’s said that the company could attract the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba as they seek a bigger share of the online travel industry.

TripAdvisor’s market value has shrunk to $5.7 billion from over $9 billion this time a year ago, in part because it’s battling with tweaks to its business model after attempting to become a fully fledged booking company rather than a pure review site. 
Potential acquirers may be better off waiting to see if TripAdvisor’s stock either stabilizes or slides further to a level where a deal becomes more compelling. Still, if a transaction is struck, odds are good that TripAdvisor’s management will consider it worth their while to facilitate a smooth transition.