TripAdvisor: the owl TV commercial, the future of Instant Booking and the new design

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If you’re an American, Canadian, French, Spanish, British or Australian who hasn’t yet seen television commercials featuring TripAdvisor or its owl mascot, expect to see them soon.

TripAdvisor is doubling down on its investment in TV advertising. The company spent $16 million on TV ads, which started in mid-June, during the second quarter.

simone puorto consulting - tripadvisor commercial

But it will roughly double that between July and September by spending more than $35 million then. In mid-June, the company debuted its new campaign featuring its owl mascot.

The ads aim to persuade consumers to think of TripAdvisor’s name when looking to find the lowest rates on hotels.

The branding blitz comes in light of company’s need to turn around its hotel business, which drives a majority of its revenue despite the company’s efforts to diversify into other segments, such as restaurants, and tours and activities.

TripAdvisor’s branding effort comes after the company began to downplay its initiative to persuade customers to reserve hotels via its “instant booking” option instead of via its older price-comparison tool, which sends customers off to third-parties to complete bookings.

TripAdvisor is hoping its TV brand campaign will be able to capitalize on the novelty of its spring redesign of its websites and mobile apps. It’s also betting on the aforementioned adorable, anthropomorphic owl mascot.