Is TripAdvisory era coming to an end?

TripAdvisor has undertaken a fundamental reorganization of its business units, and there will be several executive departures, including chief marketing officer Barbara Messing and Robin Ingle, senior vice president of sales.

Simone Puorto Consulting - The end of TripAdvisor

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TripAdvisor has struggled over the last few years with its transition to hotel metasearch and instant booking, and recently some advertisers, including possibly the Priceline Group, have tamped down their advertising spend through TripAdvisor, as they have through Expedia’s Trivago. In October, Adam Medros, who oversaw all of the company’s products as senior vice president of global product, left the company. There has been little product innovation in TripAdvisor’s hotel business in recent years. Another change in the reorganization is Nick Shanny, who has been vice president of engineering and operations since June 2015, gets promoted to chief technology officer. The fact that the executive departures come from the sales and marketing side signals the company’s dissatisfaction with results in this area. The reorganization also could lead one to believe that the TripAdvisor board, which has been criticized by some for its seeming lack of urgency in turning things around, retains confidence in CEO Kaufer, and at least is giving him more runway to revive the business.