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Simone Puorto is a passionate marketing geek. After managing two hotels and running a team of consultants, he eventually focused on his biggest passion: writing.

Over the last decade, he has worked with hundreds of hotels, web agencies, startups, and travel-tech providers worldwide. All these experiences ended up in two best-selling books and hundreds of articles.

He's an MBA Lecturer Professor, Advisory Board Member for BWG Strategy, panel moderator, public speaker and regular contributor for blogs and magazines such as tnooz, HOTELSMag, HotelTechReport, and Booking Blog.

In 2017 he launched his own consulting firm, and in 2018 he co-founded the hospitality chatbot startup Tell the Hotel

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A fantastic resource at tnooz
— Nick Vivion, Director of Content @ tnooz
Amazing knowledge
— Janel Clark, Founder @ NextGenRevenue 
The Industry has no secrets to him
— Gianluca Laterza, Senior Territory Manager @ TripAdvisor
You’re immediately able to recognize his writing style
— Enzo Aita, VP Marketing @ RateGain
Knowledgeable and talented
— Daniel Edward Craig, Founder & CEO @ Rekown
No statistic can compare to what he has given us
— Mario Pagliari, Owner @ Hotel San Francesco al Monte
Simply, get this guy!
— Vera Frantisakova, Director of S&M @ Leonardo Hotels
One of the most knowledgeable out of our 50,000+ executives
— Bill Williams, Founder & CEO @ BWG Strategy


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